The Worlds First Crypto Based

Decentralised Cloud Computing Network Utilising Mobile Technology

Connect your mobile device to the Opis Cloud network to complete tasks while it’s charging and idle.



Earn cryptocurrency as your reward for helping scientific research and reducing the environmental impact of cloud computing.

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Opis Cloud Works Differently

Opis Cloud aims to develop and commercialise a powerful decentralised supercomputer that rewards those who participate.


The utilisation and unification of existing mobile technology put Opis Cloud firmly in place to become the first zero-carbon peer-to-peer cloud computing network.


Mobile technology used in conjunction with blockchain technology also allows for mass cross border adoptions with little barrier to entry, making the project infinitely scalable.

What Are the Benefits of Opis Cloud?

Eco Friendly &

Using existing mobile hardware avoids many issues of traditional server hardware. For example, a traditional server consumes 20 kWh each day, while the same processing capacity can be achieved for 7 kWh using Opis Cloud. Utilising smart devices alleviates the reliance upon server farms and lessens the carbon footprint of cloud computing.

& Scalable

There are over 4 Billion mobile devices worldwide; this number’s projected to rise to 7 Billion over the next few years. Left idle and charging up to 60% of the time, Opis Cloud will utilise these unused resources to create a cloud computing platform that could change the very foundations of cloud computing.

Low Cost & Barrier to
Entry for Business

Opis Cloud’s unique proposition allows costs to be kept incredibly low, with huge scalability for cents on the dollar compared to more traditional platforms. This allows us to reward our participants with no barrier to entry and deliver high volume cloud computing services by incorporating mobile devices worldwide.

Mass Crypto
Currency Adoption

We firmly believe that cryptocurrency is the future of the technological and financial service industries. We are fully committed to bringing about the mass adoption of crypto and blockchain tech to the average mobile device user. Opis Cloud will allow mobile device owners to provide computation and earn crypto with minimal effort.

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Application & Dashboard

Easy to Start

Making use of the Opis Cloud app couldn’t be easier.
You do not need to connect a crypto-wallet to 
download the APK directly from our site on release, load the application, and sign up. 

Easy to Use

When your device is idle and charging, it will begin completing tasks. When you take your device off charge, the research will immediately stop. Tokens will be credited to your account when the tasks are complete.  

Benefits of Opis Cloud

Artificial Intelligence

The possibilities of AI are endless, but it requires a vast amount of computing power. As Opis Cloud grows, application towards AI could be advantageous for Opis Cloud and prospective clients.

Scientific Research

Scientific research requires a large amount of computing power for various reasons. For example, designing proteins in biology or calculating models in cosmology. Opis Cloud will provide this via a network of mobile devices.

Video Encoding & Rendering

As new content standards such as VR (Virtual Reality) and 8K resolution slowly become standard, new processing challenges emerge as the need for powerful computing becomes a necessity. Enter Opis Cloud, with a solution for the ever-increasing demands of the media market, paving the way to the future of technology.

Big Data Analysis

Big Data and Cloud Computing play vital roles in a digital society. When combined through Opis Cloud, it would allow businesses to utilise data and explore exciting possibilities for data analytics.

Infrastructure as a Service

A type of cloud computing service that offers essential compute, storage, and networking resources on-demand on a pay-as-you-go basis. It allows you to bypass the negative aspects of managing physical servers and data centre infrastructure. A cloud computing service provider such as Opis Cloud could manage the computing, freeing businesses to focus on software.

Platform As a Service

PaaS provides a platform for developers to utilise to create customised applications. All servers, storage, and networking could be managed by Opis Cloud, allowing developers to focus on managing their applications.


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