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Passive Income with Opis Cloud. Picture depicting cloud computing.

You may have heard that with Opis Cloud, you can help science, but are you aware you can also earn rewards?

Perhaps you need help paying the bills, money for food, or maybe you want a little extra cash for social reasons? If you’re looking to subsidize your income, you should look for a way to earn passively. Whichever reason you are looking for, our Opis Cloud application can suit your needs. You can essentially trade a small percentage of your Android device’s computing power when you’re not using it and be rewarded with tokens in return. The application runs while you’re sleeping and allows you to earn a passive income.

Passive and Active Income

Active income is money generated from traditional forms of earning that require time and effort. Earning this income requires you to keep working to continue. Your time equals money. Passive income, however, doesn’t require you to work in this manner; the funds may continue to flow in for years and years no matter what happens in your life. If you’re looking to create a life for yourself that’s free from time and financial restraints, it might be better for you to focus on a passive income.

For a good reason, the expression “make money while you sleep” is synonymous with the phrase “earn passive income.” It is the dream for many people to earn money while sleeping or to do very little to achieve it. Most of these require you to do something you don’t like to do, such as giving out personal details. The Opis Cloud application allows you to do this without those adverse side effects.

The Opis Cloud Application 

Passive Income with Opis Cloud. Picture depicting Cloud interface.

Consider how long your device takes to charge and how long you sleep (or any extended periods you leave your device charging). How long does your device sit fully charged, waiting for you to wake up or return? During this time, the Opis Cloud application will operate without requiring you to do anything. 

What Tasks Does Your Device Complete?

Passive Income with Opis Cloud. Picture depicting Cloud interface.

Your device will complete various tasks in line with whichever scientific research you have opted to help through the application. This could be anything from helping to map the universe to discovering new proteins.  In return, you will be awarded our utility tokens.

Is It Bad For The Environment?

The Opis Cloud application pays with cryptocurrency but in a much more eco-friendly way than different ways to acquire and produce coins. With the application, your award rate is based on the tasks, and it doesn’t get progressively harder to get tokens. Additionally, the power connected through networked devices will be distributed alongside scientific research to businesses to help offset their carbon footprint. Decentralised cloud computing is much more eco-friendly than the centralised clouds that many businesses adopt. 

Learn more about the problems of centralised cloud computing here. 

When is the Application Available?

The application is currently in development but will be ready for release in Q3 2022.

Additional Information

Sign up for early access at for updates on development and news of the release. 

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