The Opis Cloud Supercomputer

The Opis Cloud Supercomputer. Picture depicting large compute power.

Opis Cloud is building a theoretical supercomputer by connecting mobile devices all over the world. Join and choose the research projects you want to help.

The more we learn in science, the more we realise how little we actually know. Every question we answer opens up another series of questions. How did the universe come to be? How do we ensure the survival of our species? Can we find cures for diseases that have caused us so much suffering? Scientists need resources to answer tough questions. Many of these problems require powerful computers to conduct calculations known as a supercomputer. 

What is a Supercomputer?

A supercomputer is a computer with a higher level of performance compared to a regular computer you may own at home. Even if you’ve custom-built one to run some demanding games or software, it would have nothing on a supercomputer. Supercomputers can have one million times more processing power than the fastest laptop.

Supercomputers play an important role in the field of computational science. Used for a wide range of computationally intensive tasks in various fields, such as quantum mechanics, climate research, protein building and molecular modelling.

Who Gets to Use Them?

Traditionally, supercomputers have been used for scientific and engineering applications that must handle massive databases, do a great amount of computation or both. But it really comes down to who owns them or has the right to decide what they can be put towards. Many researchers are struggling to conduct their research because they can’t get access to these powerful computers. 

One factor that heavily influences the use of a supercomputer is the potential for profit. The real money comes from consumerism and that can drive them down a direction that offers us nothing other than looking slightly more aesthetically pleasing, or having some new fancy tech we might not really need. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could help with projects that matter to you?

The Opis Cloud ‘Supercomputer’

The Opis Cloud Supercomputer. Picture depicting the application UI.

With Opis Cloud, you can. Who would have thought that little device you’re holding in your hand now or a couple of minutes ago could be the answer? Let’s face it, we’re all a little glued to our mobile devices but wouldn’t it be great if scientists could use your device when you’re not? Well… because of Opis Cloud they can. 

Opis Cloud is the world’s first crypto-based decentralized cloud computing network utilizing mobile technology. When your phone is charging, a percentage of your device’s power will be available to help with scientific research. Opis Cloud acts as a third party connecting you. 

When you’re sleeping or just having some time away from your device and it is charging, it enters a network of available devices that scientists can use to solve equations. But not only can you use your spare processing power to help, you can also choose which research tasks you want to help with by selecting them in the application. 

Additional Information

Not only can you help scientific research, the application also rewards you with cryptocurrency. Find out more being reading Passive Income with Opis Cloud.

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