Frequently Asked Questions

To utilise the Opis Cloud application we only require your username and email address.

The Opis Cloud app, running on your android device, allows you to dedicate your idle CPU time (while charging) towards scientific projects that utilise the Opis Cloud projects.

The purpose of the application is to lower the carbon footprint of cloud computing by using mobile devices instead of computer servers. 

The Opis Cloud application lowers carbon emissions of cloud computing, rewards you with cryptocurrency and allows you to help research that you value. 

No. The application’s default settings are to run only when the device is charging and idle. Changing these settings may affect your battery, however. 

Under no circumstances will we ever use your personal data for anything other than connecting your device to our servers. We are committed to protecting your personal data. Please view our privacy police for more information.

The tokens are rewarded based on work done, so higher-performing mobile devices may receive more tokens.

Not to start but you will require one when you want to withdraw your tokens. 

The OPI token is earned by using the application and OPC is the governance token. 

The tokens are on the BNB chain. 

The OPI token is available to earn & use across all Opis subsidiaries, such as OpiPets.

The default setting is that it must be connected to wi-fi. This can be disabled, but it will use your mobile data instead.

All processing performed on a mobile device will affect its longevity in some form. However, the application has a feature that monitors the device’s effort and stops and starts functioning to prevent it from over-performing.